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Moto Legend 2016 Vo.05 is but SR400 / 500 Special!?

Which magazine also regularly SR400 / 500 feature. … Or was roughly the content is the same I such a case. New custom and of, or follow the trajectory of the SR400 / 500. However!

Moto Legend is different! From the beginning of the page, we have to introduce, such as past articles of SR400. It is also a little more detail. Well this is interesting. Since featuring the time of the article, because it describes the SR400 / 500 in the eyes of that era, as well, such as the difference of values pointed out in this article, it has become a very interesting content.

Here I thought that if the rest of the magazine a little different. Delve condition is quite deep. And talk is not going to more and more deep part, SR400 / 500 birth secret story of. This is pretty important. Perhaps you think that it is part of Wabi of this magazine, A Mello B melody. So I think that should read firmly.

In short, about the birth secret story of SR400 / 500, it means that in addition to the media suggests that there was a little misunderstanding.

SR400 / 500 world God advent of!
After such interesting prelude, SR400 / 500 world of God, God, Legend, 
is the emergence of a is Hidehiko Shima teacher father! 
The Hidehiko Shima teacher, is writing a book called science of motorcycle, 
creator of "load bomber" that triggered the appearance of SR400 / 500! 
It is loaded bomber IX and load Bomber IX breaks.
Of course this book, I was read through somehow got, about the birth of the load Bomber is as content, such as the concept of design, 
it has been written in detail. For this book it was not considered an article that describes in detail.
Although this book is not published in 1982, because it is what you still be "aha!", The SR400 / 500 love of course,
 has become a thing where you can enjoy even in those who do not. Please be read with pleasure by all means.

Highlights of moto Legend Vo.5


In summarized easily. If the attractions of this moto legend and say,

● not in the other journals, past articles with a pot SR400 / 500. Such as an error between the actual measurement of the speedometer list covers quite a maniac at the time material.

● SR400 / 500 appeared untold story of. In fact, it is what it can be seen that the spread is a little misunderstanding.

● The most dominating load Bomber. I think I enjoyed understandable when read in conjunction with the “science of motorcycle” in the Hidehiko Shima teacher book.

● current figure of Hidehiko Shima teacher. This is It is valuable, is also noted for the current initiative. This we would like to come published as a book.

San’eishobo’s or, Kodansha’s by all means! ! Because in this way has become a dying contents to mania, I have read and try!


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