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■Originator of the cab ton muffler!

SR400 and W650, such as Esutorea custom, familiar to bike retro “cab ton muffler.”
Has become a mistake that might would have been devastated if mon trying to referred to as the “capture tons muffler.”
It would have been decorated with cold from the world around me or not it does not come tomorrow in the only mistake “parts” and “flop”.

This time, will focus on the bike that Kyabuton RTS, but for origin of the cab ton muffler, and a little description.

■Origin of the cab ton muffler

Koshiro Nakagawa store in Osaka Prefecture, imported and sold in the UK of Ariel, was Kansai total distributor. However, it was know no longer not enter the product to Japan by the Great Depression of 1929.

This is regrettable! Business go bankrupt or at Honma!
This So, in there was Ariel type Japanese-made vehicle on hand, this also has coalesced the 350cc side valve engine of the Indian that was at hand. This is so splendidly first car in 1933, becomes the trigger was completed.

So, Kyabuton is not the shape of the muffler, we manufacturer name.
Koshiro Nakagawa store is now later sell the bike as Kyabuton car sales.
This Kyabuton says whether it was how much of the bike manufacturers, I think that many people know, but it is well-known brand on a par with “Meguro”, “Rikuo”.
Such Kyabuton is an acronym for “Come And Buy To Osaka Nakagawa” CABTON.
When the Japanese translation, Ya come to buy up to Koshiro Nakagawa shops of Osaka! It is ask! And it makes you smile

■Koshiro Nakagawa store’s management Mr. Shoichi Naito


By the way, Mr Shoichi’s management Naito at that time. Nakagawa’s a do not. Is unknown tried a little investigated said Koshiro Nakagawa.
This Mr Shoichi Naito The great thing is, in order to create a better quality bike, the person in the rented house dwelling, Toka invested most of the revenue to the purchase of the latest machine tools.

■Kyabuton is later bankruptcy


Such Kyabuton is now several times markdown sales a year. Although it’s good, it dropped the quality of parts, failure is frequent. The result it is the loss of trust in the cause at once. And try to regain that trust, but we have provided a wide range of vehicle lineup, bankruptcy in 1955. In fact Kyabuton is, limited company Mizuho auto sales are also sold, after Kyabuton bankruptcy is a finite company Mizuho car sales, but had continued to manufacture for the cab ton fan, I have finished all of the production in 1958.

■Specs of CABTON RTS


Car name: Kyabuton
Seating capacity (persons): 2
Engine model: TS
Engine Type: air-cooled 4-cycle upright two-cylinder OHV
Total exhaust volume (cc): 594
Inner diameter × stroke (mm): 71 × 75
Compression ratio: 6.4
Fuel supply system: Amal 276 carburetor
Maximum output: 19ps / 5,000rpm
Maximum torque: 5.0kgf · m / 3,500
Overall length (mm): 2185
Overall width (mm): 770
Height (mm): 1040
Wheelbase (mm): 1440
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 132
Vehicle weight (kg): 202
Minimum turning radius (m): 2.2
Fuel tank capacity (L): 15
Starting method: kick
Transmission: the right foot moving forward 4-speed
Clutch: Left Manual
Brakes (front): drum 172
Brake (rear): drum 178
Tire size (front): 3.50-19
Tire size (after): 3.50-19
Sale price: 215,000 yen

■Fascination of side-valve engine

So, the characteristics of this Kyabuton RTS is what side also said valve engine.
Combustion efficiency is not good to say clearly. However! Therefore I also good to slowly blow up. I think retro bike is able to understand you I’m sure if you like. Either this Kyabuton RTS is very rare bike to Hijjo. I do not worship it hard in the old car system of events. Video is not nearly in such actually YouTube. This is good if somewhere, but …. I want to see it. No, but it is mecha cool!? Watakushi is like!


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