Buy-high Honda, attempts to plan the CUB90 the turnip CT110 to Hunter


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■CT110 is high


Hunter turnip thing CT110. It is a place 15-200000 hand also look at the successful bid price of Yahoo! Auctions.
No, I think that it is a reasonable price.
No, but rather cheap.
However, Watakushi of pocket money is the cheaper.
Hunter turnip’s. I’m sorry.

By the way, I learned for the first time now, but it it’s also for me CT50 I Hunter turnip.

■If the turnip 90 to Hunter turnip?



Thing on the, is Watakushi of perverse person, it was not good When you finish Ppoku Hunter turnip and turnip 90 to the base? I was thinking from the phrase day.
The procedure is described as the following. You might to will (laughs)

●To paint in red

For now if get a sense Hunter Cub Let’s start from the fact that the solid red! It is a feeling.

●To cut the leg shield

It is that just as it is. Paint the body the same color by cutting protruding parts of the leg shield.
So it should not be able to cut clean by yourself, ask the craftsman. Maybe, but much … 25,000 yen … paint and cut? (I wish I was)

●Up muffler

I wonder just how not you become Ppoku fully Hunter turnip up muffler to the above-mentioned state.

●Block pattern tires

Toka Toka not be thick, such is given aside, genuine size of turnip 90 kana about 10,000 yen before and after because about one 5,000 yen “2.50-17” So, so calculating.

Toma, are you for the time being decided so far. But after still unfinished image.

■Is the problem to do with Hunter turnip plan of turnip 90


Well, as has been the Maa determined above that, after the questions.

●Whether to Bahan of?

It should be Bahan of? You should put the carrier on top of the head light? Are you do not know if this just is not a from I made.

●Whether to telescopic the front fork?

I want to use a genuine, if possible. I mean, Thats take money …

●Fender Toka How to small

I want to use what the fender Toka tail lamp of turnip 90 if possible. Because Thats take money …

●Do paint the one point in the black

Do paint the Toka drum brake shoe in black, it is a story that. I do not want to paint honest. Because it is troublesome

■Cost of Hunter turnip of turnip 90?

s オサムさん(@osamu.1966)が投稿した写真

Car body price of turnip 90 is about 100,000 yen
Paint to 25,000 yen (ideal)
Tire cost 10,000 yen
The lowest amount of money 135,000 yen

Hmm. … Or buy Hunter turnip Once it was.


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