Ancient bikes 【Yamaha scooter SC1】

The official name is Yamaha Scooter SC1. Sometimes Yamaha scooter SC-1 is also written.

Yamaha Scooter SC1

It is Yamaha ‘s first scooter that appeared in 1960. As you can see, we have adopted a monocoque body that was prevalent at the time. This is the same as Rabbit, Vespa, Lambretta. Characteristics of SC1 are designed rationally in order to reduce manufacturing cost. Since it is an embedded system from the engine to the rear tire, it is said that it can be manufactured very simply. Because it is a scooter, of course it is automatic, but the torque converter is driven by the drive shaft.

Yamaha Scooter SC1 spec

Car name: Yamaha scooter Model: SC1

Boarding capacity (people): 2

Engine model: C2

Engine type: Air-cooled 2 cycle single cylinder

Total displacement (cc): 175.1

Inner diameter x stroke (mm): 62 x 58

Compression ratio: 6.5 Fuel supply device: Mikuniarumu MC 19 carburetor

Maximum power: 10.3 PS / 5500 rpm

Maximum torque: 1,45 kg · m / 4000 rpm

Total length (mm): 1770

Width (mm): 660

Overall height (mm): 980

Wheel base (mm): 1260

Minimum Ground Height (mm): 140

Vehicle Weight (kg): 134 Minimum

turning radius (m): 2

Fuel tank capacity (L): 8

Starting method: Cell · recoil

Transmission: Left manual forward 2 steps

Clutch: Left manual

Brake (front): Drum

Brake (rear): Drum

Tire size (front): 3.50 – 10

Tire size (after): 3.50 – 10

Selling price: 150,000 yen

Why do not you design this design, Yamaha!

Scooters will not sell! There is no demand for the original chari! Yamaha and Honda are lamenting. Certainly young people do not ride on the original Chari compared to the past. maybe. Rather, trains, buses, road bikes, etc. are very useful and good world. In addition, parking fee is charged to park the original Chari throughout the town so as to catch up further, and parking is not available depending on the condition of crowding, anyway the shoulder has become narrower for the primary chirder and the motorbike ride.

Even more recently, the most recent source (50 cc) is somewhat disgusting in design. My generation is Retro Hara Chari Boom, if the scooter is Yamaha Vino, with Honda Jorno Jorcub, Suzuki Verde etc, there was a fashionable and osanti lineup. Female college students and their combination are very strong, and anyone looked cute. However, the design of the original Chari in recent years has become stubborn and … a critical sentence. I’m sorry. It was a very personal bitches. Although the story returns, is this SC1 very fashionable? It is suitable for cafe, clothing shop, hairdresser as well.

What is the designer of Yamaha Scooter SC1?

There is nothing to support but “design YAMAHA” is told, it is presumably guessed that it is designed by GK design. GK design is a design company that designs Yamaha vehicles even now and again.

Footstarts are fashionable ♡

Personally I am sure that Yamaha Scooter SC1’s Ike is not this footstep? It is supposed to show the wheel with front and rear cantilevered suspension. I’m sorry!

Is Yamaha SCooter SC1 black history?

Apparently this Yamaha Scooter SC1 has a history that will not be heard, the torque converter which is also the eyeball of this motorcycle has continued troubles, collecting all cars sold, repairing, profitable There is a past without feeling. Whether it is the cause or not, since SIGNUS (CYGNUS) 1982 ~ has appeared, it seems that the scooter did not make it, but since it may be a mistake, it is a reference degree.


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