Ancient bikes 【DSK 250 AB Denske】 Postscript information!

■ I had started fighting “The bicycles of the old” series

The bicycles of the old” series serially on this site. This is based on past materials such as numerous documents. For that reason, it is only information that is out of the door even when searching the Internet. Sometimes we also refer to information on overseas sites. Information in the literature is also fumbling because there are things such as years and specifications that are not unified by books. Although I dare say, I think there is information that I made a mistake. However, it is a fact that there is no way to answer the question. So please think to the last degree of reference. I’m sorry.

■ We got valuable information from those who know about that time!

Introduce the old motorcycle【DSK 250AB Densuke】← Person who knows back then about this time, valuable information was received from current rally Barbari rider now, we will post with permission to the person himself.

The following is the content

I am an active rider of 76 years old. DSK · A 25 (1956) When I was a high school student, I used to go to school once in a while. Currently Ikumi inherits as my father’s memento. The total mileage is about 30,000 km. I am preparing to put hands in and use it as a substitute for foot as I retired from leaving work. Until recently I was on the R69s side car, but it is not fun. When going out, I am on H. D – WL (1942). In 2013, I traveled 5,500 miles around Japan around WL in WL. It is a story of DSK, why DSK was chosen at that time It is shaft drive, quietness It is L, 100 km in handling manual there. About quietness It is a perfect precision wonderful motorcycle that only noise of inspiration which can not hear any noise (striking sound) when it is slow. However, since most of the time was a gravel road, I feel that the brakes are sweet especially at the front desk and others, but I will start running in the spring as it is 60 years old. Relaxingly!

Performance of real Denske that is not written in the literature

I see, i see. It is thought that quietness which only hear inspiration sounds was a considerable technique at that time. I wonder if the drive shaft is also performing well.

■ It seems to have a real car!


It seems that you still have an old motorcycle carefully. Moreover, it seems to be one who is on a bike trip with that. Personally I am active and I own Denske … · · ·. Denske, worry! I want to worship once!


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