Motocross bike [Rikuo V]

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■ Rokuo Japanese bicycle (Rikuo V: July 1937)


The image is Rikuo V (1937)

People who know Rikuo know they are motorbikes. 
On the contrary, those who do not know do not know. 
Is that natural? Rikuo is quite an interesting bike,
 and its birth announcement is also interesting.
 I wonder if there are things you can see on the vintage bike festival etc. 
It looks like Harley Davidson's WLA (see below), is not it?

The causal relationship with Harley Davidson's WLA is unknown yet,
 but Rikuo is a relationship with Harvey Davidson and Zubusub


■ From the unreasonable birth of Rikuo?

This Harley - Davidson looks like Rikuo V.
Actually this bike, the world depression that occurred in 1929,
the price of Harley Davidson has soared. 
So, the Japanese army at that time purchased and used a large amount of Harley Davidson. 
It is expensive at this time and can not buy it! 
The Japanese army became a Sankyo Pharmaceutical company saying, "Hey, you made Harley!

That does not mean that it is similar to what the current Tora-ta is saying 
"Hey! Do you know Hachiroku! Do you know it? 
That cartoon's guy!" Well the circumstances are different, 
in any case the pharmaceutical company has made a motorcycle and established a company called 
"Sankyo internal combustion machine". 
Or, because this pharmaceutical company was also importing and selling Harley Davidson, 
it may be natural.

There was such a thing,
we imported America’s equipment to make Harley Davidson into Japan,
and we began making Rikuo V.
Probably the design drawings should have been those of Harley Davidson.
Then, Rikuo R. appeared. The impact naming that this Rikuo has was a public offering.
Speaking of public offering, Nishan’s March was also public invitation.


■ Rokuo V spec data

Car name: Rikuou
Model: YFD
Boarding capacity (people): 2
Engine model: VF
Engine type: Air cooled 4 cycle V type 2 cylinder side valve
Total displacement (cc): 1207.956
Inner diameter x stroke (mm): 86.97 x 101.6
Compression ratio: unknown
Fuel supply device: Japan carburetor Rinkart type 27 mm
Maximum power: 28PS / 4,000rpm
Maximum torque: 6.3 kg · m / 2, 500 rpm
Total length (mm): 2870
Width (mm): 1070
Overall height (mm): 1240
Wheel base (mm): 1550
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 100
Vehicle weight (kg): 260
Minimum turning radius (m): 2
Fuel tank capacity (L): 16
Starting method: kick
Transmission: Left manual manual forward 3 steps
Clutch: left foot motion
Brake (front): Drum
Brake (rear): Drum
Tire size (front): 4.40-18
Tire size (after): 4.40-18
Selling price: unknown

■What can be learned from the spec data

In this era, we adopted the common side valve engine and we are outputting 28PS. In modern motorcycles, Yamaha’s Dragster 400 is 30PS, so Riko V can be seen to be stronger without torque.

The drag star 400 is 3.2 kgf · m and the torque is 0.3 kgf · m stronger than the SR 400 which sells.

Still I understood the situation that it can not compete with Rikuo V.


The image is Yamaha Drag Star 400 Classic

Certainly the amount of displacement can not be stupid because Rikuo V is
1,200 cc. But the exhaust sound of the side valve engine is nice.
 Speaking of Harley Davidson this sound! Rikuo V does not like
trio rhythms with similar deep bass!

■ It’s difficult

This Rikuo. I do not like a modern bike to get on.
 First turn the oil pump manually 
(I do not know the detailed method). And the clutch is the left foot,
 the gear shift is the left hand. 
You should not get on without getting used to intersections. This is terrible!


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