Super trap muffler is God!


What super trap muffler?


Super trap muffler me around 2000, it is a muffler Kimutaku has changed with the Author, which was a big hit around the time that has been allowed to say buibui in TW.
Softened comes with disk (dish) is, so those that control the volume, and it had been recognized, in fact, there is no in such Yawa story!
Structure the above I for use in mounting the disk as shown in the figure, the disk number is not Fuyaseru as long as allowed by the length of the screw from 0 sheets.
And the volume is large number of disks is less, it will be quiet and often. (This does not apply depending on the conditions)

In fact, this scarf, it What is amazing, is not it ‘s story of volume trends.

Super trap muffler is God!

Why that super trap is amazing is,

Increasing the number of disks “missing will be better.”
If you reduce the number of disk “omission becomes worse.”

Huh? Not a reverse? You might think, will not fit in this.

In short, the structure of the super trap muffler, you do not need to prepare a thing of the combined structure to the setting of the bike!
Structure that can change the setting in the number of discs. That is the chemistry down pat the small exhaust amount of the engine, such as a bike!

Simply explained, Reducing the number low-rpm range emphasis, it will be the high-rotation region emphasized by increasing the number of sheets.

In chemistry of the relationship between the carburetor and the engine, muffler that I bought it is not good at all, performance Gataochi! You can avoid a super trap muffler that.

Super trap is just annoying?

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Is on the net, but there are a “super trap muffler is only noisy”, than Butchakesore have not been able setting? I think. Since this only a high degree of freedom structure, because can not be setting a super trap muffler, as of Watakushi old, you could also be that you have misunderstood the meaning of the disk. I Honda gorilla was riding on a teenager, but the smile that was using at that time not even know much sense

The disadvantage of super trap muffler

Frankly mute! You can remove the inner silencer, but …. You can not put a really silencer.

It was fitted with a super trap muffler to SR500 (SR400) by on!


Since the inspection so far, was a normal muffler ray (?) Of Watakushi SR500. And muffler replacement I was thinking trying to improve the mood, but there is also a money matter and other complaints point, I was hesitant to muffler exchange.
However, this time, I tried to introduce a super trap muffler.

Because is not able to Settings Since Pong with in the interest of time, the evaluation does not do, I look forward to setting!

However, there is personal dissatisfaction with super trap muffler.
First appearance. The end of the disc is not a preference. However, because there is the end cap of accessories, we will try to take advantage of it.

And “sound”. This was in the mood all the way from the front, but you have to articulate bad sound in the super trap muffler and SR500 (SR400). * It is only an individual subjectivity. Sorry those who have been offended.

Sound path §, pa §, pa §, such as growth of the path § … and sustain, is not good personally is to become sound like crisp reverb. Package such as as prefer staccato, poof, I sound was good that the package ….

While say that, no doubt it is a fairly high-performance as a muffler of SR400 / SR500!

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