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■Single of the beginning that with the name of the “Honda”

Honda A-type 1947

Are is not a Ya beginning turnip I Honda? You should see many people who think that. Also Watakushi Yu nuclear was one of them. In fact, Honda Soichiro-san, learn the car maintenance in the Art Chamber of Commerce before the war, participated in the Tama River race, in 1927 After that, we opened the Art Shokai Hamamatsu branch at home Hamamatsu. Then it seems to have become the president of Tokai Seiki heavy industry. But had been manufactured and sold the engine parts such as piston rings in this company, it was sold to Toyota automatic loom story of 1945.

Then, enjoy the neat living one year, he founded the Honda Giken. At this time, although I was selling mounting the old army of military engine to a bicycle, the engine is attached to the bottom, developed the A-type engine of the design house. I had put it is this Honda A-type. A type of image has been adopted respectable American style of the fuel tank, but so had originally using the hot-water bottle. Moreover, or it was “Enkei” the manufacturer of the current wheel manufacturer of the hot water bottle, it is something amazing!

Let’s take a look at the Honda A type of specs!

Spec Honda A-type 1947


Honda A-type car name: Honda
Seating capacity (persons): 1
Engine model: Unknown
Engine Type: air-cooled two-stroke single cylinder
Total exhaust volume (cc): 50
Inner diameter × stroke (mm): 40 × 40
Compression ratio: Unknown
Fuel supply system: Amal carburetor
Maximum output: 1ps / 5,000rpm
Maximum torque: Unknown
Overall length (mm): Unknown
Overall width (mm): Unknown
Height (mm): Unknown
Wheelbase (mm): Unknown
Minimum ground clearance (mm): Unknown
Vehicle weight (kg): Unknown
Minimum turning radius (m): Unknown
Fuel tank capacity (L): 3.2
Starting method: pedal
Transmission: one stage
Clutch: Left Manual
Brakes (front): Unknown
Brake (after): Unknown
Tire size (front): Unknown
Tire size (after): Unknown
Price: Unknown 1947 specs

■Videos about Honda A-type

Honda A-type video is not a Honda A-type. It is so-called turnip, but Toka over how Toka exhaust noise of the engine I think that would be helpful. Video about

Well such A-type. It is so-called moped type. Soichiro Honda, who made a fine bike in Japan without a thing after the war it is still great. Of course, this era, bike manufacturer is not only in Japan. Let’s see what was making any kind of bike in the other manufacturers.

■Other manufacturers were surprisingly fine too!

Sankyo internal combustion engine Co., Ltd. [Rikuo V] 1937

Harley-Davidson was made to Japanese manufacturers, is a Japanese-made Harley-Davidson. Properly or that the license agreement, because rather Harley-Davidson is not made to the Japanese, would be nice to say that genuine Harley-Davidson. Made of 1937, it is a bike of 10 years ago than Honda A type. Even so respectable!

Ltd. Miyata Plant [Asahi AA] 1933

This is two-stroke 170cc engine. Frame it has leave Bibibi too cool. Here is also a bike that had been sold in the previous 10 years or more than the Honda A-type.

And, the bike making a little poor feel Compared to these, Honda at that time I feel that I wonder if had been strong. Is the top companies in the world at present. But not necessarily have been successful from the beginning, it would be that. Around this time the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers to seems to have been mushrooming, that most of the manufacturers went off. Honda was also the tightrope management, how such of that? I do not know well. In this way and look back on the history has been infested interested in Soichiro Honda. I also try to read in the biography.


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